Your Auction Agency with flexibility in Japan

We help you to purchase any items from Japanese Shop or major auction sites such as Yahoo! Japan Auctions on your behalf, and deliver them to your company.


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We support you to bid on in Yahoo! Japan Auctions with flexibility.

We offer flexible support service to foreign companies and individuals wishing to bid for products at Yahoo! Japan Auction. Although we are not a large company, we can provide flexible support while maintaining close communication with the customer. This sets us apart from the more ubiquitous auction agents in Japan. There is also no need to worry about dispatch of your product as we will handle logistics right to your warehouse. First and foremost, please do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries you may have. Let’s fully discuss the type of product you wish to purchase and your business terms. We are committed to conducting business with you in good faith and hope to become a close business partner.

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