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Personal Business Brains Consulting Office

5F 1-9-4 Taito Taito-ku Tokyo Japan 110-0016

TEL : +813-3833-3699
FAX : +813-4496-6125
WEB1 : https://p2bco.jp/ (Japanese)
WEB2 : https://kaigaieigyo.net/ (Japanese)
Facebook : Hajime Arai

Are you a manufacturer looking for a distributor/agent in Japan?

Are you starting a new business and looking for partners in Tokyo? We, kaigaieigyo.com, can help make you and your business. We have a lot of business inquiries from Japanese companies that are not listed on this website, but looking for a seller/buyer from the world.

If you are interested in finding a business partner in Japan, just send us your information now.

We also can support your overseas businesses by representing your company in Tokyo with a team of experts. We look forward to having a long lasting relationship with you and your clients in Japan.

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